Meet the Band


Three People

An Atlanta-based trio of singer-songwriters, Eric, Melanie, and Pete met at a local songwriting meetup in 2013 and gradually grew from three independent musicians into a cohesive collective bringing you a wide range of original new music and dusted-off vintage covers. While Melanie sometimes plays guitar, keys, and random stray percussion, she fronts the band with her main instrument - a voice that delivers both strongly felt lead vocals, and sweet, lilting harmonies. Pete and Eric sing harmonies and occasional lead for select songs, but spend most of their time sharing guitar and bass responsibilities.   The band has a unique sound of their own, and that sound is the common thread that ties their music together - from delicate, introspective acoustic landscapes to driving electric rockers

Eric Norman’s musical journey began as a 5 year old boy who, enamored by a neighbor’s guitar, relentlessly badgered his parents until they gave in and got him one of his own.  Since that moment guitar music has been a major part of his life. He began with classical guitar lessons and followed that path through college, graduating with a music degree in performance.  Eric’s writing and playing are heavily and extensively influenced by the great music exploding around him: Dylan, Joan Baez, Phil Ochs, the Beatles, The Stones, The Animals, Simon & Garfunkel, Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Electric Flag, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Velvet Underground, The Blues Project, Blood, Sweat and Tears, Spirit, Chicago Transit Authority, and many more. All of this influence ultimately collided, inspiring him to write his own first song in his twenties. Today, Eric draws on a broad variety of sources and sounds for his music, and writes lyrics directly from experience.  He listens to as much music from as many different genres as he can – finding inspiration in all of them. Bringing these influences together today, he says that collaborating and making music with his bandmates turns out to be the most rewarding experience of all.


Melanie Storrusten grew up in a musical household - her dad would often play guitar and sing, and her mom sang in and/or led church choirs throughout Melanie's childhood. Her recorded singing career began at age 3, when she sang along on a track that her mom recorded as part of a Christian singing duo. She performed in choirs and musicals at church and at home, scoring solo parts, and bossing older kids around, beginning at age 6. Melanie grew up in a military family, moving every three years. Music served as one of her best friends, and she could often be found locked in her room for hours singing along with old tapes or the radio (a wide range: Ronnie Milsap, NKOTB, Jewel, and Alanis Morrisette 4-ever). As a teen, her dad taught her to read chord charts, and she played a little and sang a little, but teenage insecurities and rebellious distractions kept her from doing anything seriously with music until her late 20's when she moved to Atlanta, and began writing her own songs post-break-up, as one does. She continues to write about heartbreak, hope, and courage, and does her best to sing from her soul, because that's the good stuff.

Pete Helfrich began playing music at the University of Delaware when a total stranger asked if he wanted to be in a band. Though he didn’t play any instruments at the time, this new friend assured him that was okay — he could be the bass player. In the late ‘80s/early ‘90s, Pete went on to play bass, write and sing for a succession of Philadelphia-area, indie-punk garage bands. Following the death of his best friend and songwriting partner, he left music altogether. Years later, he was inspired to learn acoustic guitar and return to songwriting. He discovered an affinity for the folk rock -- Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, etc. — his parents listened to in his early youth. Determined to begin making and performing music again, he joined an Atlanta-area songwriters’ group, where he first met Melanie Storrusten and Eric Norman, with whom he would eventually form Three People.